A Vermiform is a creature created when a person with a Lunaglyph is overwhelemed by the Glyph's power. Vermiforms are invisible to all people (Besides Capell due to gameplay mechanics) until the song Percipere is played near it. After that, Capell can use the skill Symphonic Blade to attack them. After a while, however, they revert to being invisible until Percipere is played again.

Characters in the party turn into Vermiforms when in the presence of Lunar Rain for a set time.

Characters turn into Vermiforms at Various Glyph Rates.

  • Aristos and the Unblessed are immune to Lunar Rain.
  • Glyph rates have six stages:

- Stage 1: No effect yet.

- Stage 2: A pair of wings appear on the victim's back.

- Stage 3: The pair of wings retain its size, but stats increase further.

- Stage 4: The pair of wings grow larger. Capell can no longer Connect to the victim.

- Stage 5: The victim turns blackish, their wings grow large, and they become hostile.

- Stage 6: The process of vermification is complete. The newly born Vermiform turns invisible and you must play Percipere in order to defeat it.

Excluding secondary characters, only Capell, Gustav and Touma are immune to Lunar Rain.