Vital statistics
Title The Liberator
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Background  Edit

Refered to as "The Liberator" Sigmund was the first person to demonstrate the ability to sever the chains binding the moon. He was raised by Svala, the Empress of Halgita. He grew up in the Halgita palace alongside Eugene, Touma and Komachi. Ever since as a child Sigmund's personality was one of perpetual calm. He does not appear to be an effective motivational speaker, however he is an excellent leader. Sigmund was originally known as Volsung, the King of Casandra, however he underwent a ritual that removed his lunaglyph, which reverted his age back to the day of his birth. It is revealed that Volsung was Capell's father, and it was because Capell was born and unblessed that Volsung decided to remove his lunaglyph.

Battle Skills Edit

Learn by
A Battle SkillMP cost
B Battle SkillMP cost
Lvl 1 Hits/Effect
Lvl 2 Hits/Effect
Lvl 3 Hits/Effect
 Grinn Valesti  An overhead ambush attack that hits an enemy from above.  This attack is non-interruptible.   Reach Level 10 1 secs  10 MP 12 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Alfheim  Attacks a foe multiple times with your sword.  Last attack will toss the   enemy overhead if AP Gauge is past the marker. Reach Level 10 0.75 secs 15 MP 18 MP 3 Hits 3 Hits 3 Hits
Levantine Slash A very strong sword-slash that hits multiple times.  Second hit will knock   the enemy on the ground if AP Gauge is past the marker.

Reach Level 10

(Connect Skill)

0.50 secs 10 MP 12 MP 3 Hits 3 Hits 3 Hits
Reginleif   A powerful sword swing in the shape of an arc.  Knocks enemy to the ground is AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach Level 16 1.50 secs 25 MP 30 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit


Personal Skills Edit

Title 1 Edit

Title Capell says...
Look-alike Wow, we DO look alike.
Well-Known They even know about him in a small village like Nolaan!
Wounded Hero Hey, shouldn't he be more careful?
Hero of Light He's looking a lot better now after the lunar rite.
Chaincutter How did he know I would be able to cut the chain?
True Leader He's a true leader. I know why everyone follows him so loyally.
Father Now I know... He must have known about us all along... That's why he was so kind...

Title 2 Edit

Title Capell says...
Hero? I wonder if all the stories about him are true.
Hero  He really IS a hero!
Superhero He's no ordinary hero...
Great Hero  So when he meets people, does he want them to shake his hand or kneel before him?
Shining Hero  His courage and valor burn so brightly it makes my eyes hurt!
Liberator  He's the most famous man alive! Babies that come out of the oven know his name!
Living Legend He's a man of peerless strength. Even his foes worship the ground he walks on.


Title   Sigmund Capell says...   Sigmund
Observant He's really good at figuring out the enemy's weak points.

Traits Edit

Title Type




Capell says...


Trait 1 Authority Figure His presence alone gives us strength!
Trait 2 Feral Wolf  When he's in danger, he gets even stronger than usual!
Trait 3 Calm & Cool He's always relaxed and has a handle on the situation.

Palate Edit

Title   Capell Capell says...   Capell
Soup Lover He really likes soup, and it's really effective when used
Tomato Hater Who would have thought his only weak point would be a fruit? Oh the irony!

Quotes Edit

"When you find something you want to protect, fight for it with your life." Sigmund to Capell