Vital statistics
Title Beast Master
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Rico is one of the main characters in Infinite Undiscovery. He is the Twin Brother of Rucha. Rico is a Beast Master, meaning he can turn enemies into allies for short periods of time.


Rico is the Twin brother of Rucha. They are both from Nolaan.

Battle SkillsEdit

Learn by
A Battle Skill
MP cost

B Battle Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Penguin Parade A taming technique that takes control of an enemy. Reach level 2 (Connect Skill) 3.00 secs 3 MP 3 MP N/A N/A N/A
Rabbit Tail An ability that turns a foe into an ally for a short time. Reach level 15 2.75 secs 5 MP 6MP N/A N/A N/A
Serpent Head Launches a blast of energy at the enemy Reach level 27 2.75 secs 25 MP 30 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit

Spells Edit

Learn by
A Spell
MP cost

B Spell
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Volt Creates a spark above the enemy that hits them with a bolt of lightning Reach level 2 3.00 secs 5 MP 5 MP 1 Hit 3 Hit 6 Hit
Levi Heals 30% of an ally's HP. Reach level 2 3.25 secs 5 MP 5 MP N/A N/A N/A
Hydrill Sends a barrage of ice arrows at the enemy. Freezes enemy if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 9 3.00 secs 8 MP 8 MP 4 Hits 6 Hits 8 Hits
Levus Heals 60% of an ally's HP. Reach level 13 3.25 secs 15 MP 15 MP N/A N/A N/A
Voltsweep Sends out a bolt of electricity from the caster. Reach level 18 3.00 secs 15 MP 15 MP 2 Hits 3 Hits 4 Hits
Hydrain Showers the enemy with acid rain. Reach level 21 4.00 secs 20 MP 20 MP 4 Hits 4 Hits 4 Hits
Aerwhirl Sends a tornado towards the enemy. Tosses the enemy in the air if AP Gauge is above the marker Reach level 31 4.00 secs 20 MP 20 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit
Levusti Heals 100% of an ally's HP. Reach level 34 4.25 secs 45 MP 45 MP N/A N/A N/A
Voltscourge Creates an electrical sphere around the enemy which hurts any foe it touches. Reach level 37 5.00 secs 50 MP 50 MP 3 Hits 6 Hits 9 Hits
Geocrush .Sends a giant boulder towards the enemy. Knocks enemy to the ground if AP Gauge is above the marker. "Molding the Earth" 4.00 secs 80 MP 80 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit

Personal Skills Edit

Title 1 Edit

Title Capell says...
Twerp 1 Where did this... kid come from? Seriously...
Overactive He's pretty brave... for a little kid.
Admirable Wow, even after what happened to his father, he's pretty tough.
Bratty He's sure got an attitude. It's probably all the adults he has to deal with.
Childish Look at him! He's so cute! Just a little kid!
Big Boy He's pretty mature for his age. I guess I can't make fun of him...too much.
Useless I can't get anything out of this kid.
Future Hero Someday he might even be a bigger hero than Sigmund was.

Title 2 Edit

Title Capell says...
Rabbit Tamer Small and weak animals are the only ones who listen to what he has to say.
Lion Tamer He can give animals simple instructions now.
Beastmaster Looks like most animals are listening to him.
Beastmaster 2 Now he can even get animals to help him in battle!
Beastmaster 3 I didn't even know those were animals! He's the boss of everybody!
Claridian Tamer Even the Claridians kneel before him!
Bathmaster He's mastered the ancient art of having a grizzly bear wash his back in the bathtub. Astounding!

IC Edit

Title Capell says...
Scribbler Lv1 IC writing. Look at him pretend he knows how to use a pen and paper.
Amateur Lv2 IC writing. His prose and poetry reek of amateurism.
Writer Lv3 IC writing. He could make a little money with his writing now.
Bestseller Lv4 IC writing. The offers keep on pouring in! Who's his agent?
Wordsmith Lv5 IC writing. It's almost time he started lecturing at an academy.
Claridian Scribe Lv6 IC writing. Each of his words is worth a thousand pictures

CS Edit

Title Capell says...
Beastspeaker Look at that! He can talk to friendly animals!

Traits Edit

Title Type Title Capell says...
Trait 1 Hyper What did he eat? He doesn't stop moving!
Trait 1 Hyperactive He doesn't stop moving! But sometimes he finds stuff...
Trait 2 Twin He's in a much better mood whenever Rucha is with him.
Trait 3 Bug Fan He gets all excited when he sees a bug.
Trait 3 Bug Lover Bugs make him wild! He won't listen to a thing I say after one shows up.

Palate Edit

Title Capell says...
Vegetable Hater He stays far, far away from vegetables.
Fish Lover He hates his vegetables, but at least he likes fish.


"You're meaner than you look"---- Rico on Eugene