Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Unblessed
Faction Sapran Citizen

Faina is a cheerful young girl from the village of Sapran. She and her brother Leif are Unblessed orphans. She loves Capell very dearly.


Faina and Leif lived peacefully in Sapran until the Order of Chains attacked the village and mounted a chain there. They then abandoned the village with the rest of the surviving population to attempt crossing the desert and reaching Fayel.

Capell first meets Faina in the group of Unblessed the Liberation Force encounters on their way to Fayel. They send Capell to talk to the group and find out what was going on. Though Sigmund didn’t want to waste time by getting involved, Capell and Aya convince him to let them escort them back to Sapran.

When Leif goes missing, Faina asks Capell if he’ll go looking for him. Capell agrees, pressured by a begrudging Aya. By the time they find Leif, Rico and Rucha have already gotten the rest of the villagers back to Sapran.


Later in the game when the group reaches Port Zala, Faina is there waiting for the group. She and Leif become merchants and travel to assist the Liberation Force. She also appears in other cities, such as Kolton and Halgita.


When the group decides, later in the game, to return to Fayel on the Emir's request, they learn that Sapran has been attacked by Vermiforms. Her village doesn't have military back-up because the unblessed are looked down upon. When the Force arrives, everything is shrouded with death. Capell tries to help Faina and Leif, but he is powerless to kill the Vermiforms. Aya is also unable to help, because she cannot see the Vermiforms. In the end, the fight is fruitless. In a failed attempt to save Leif, Faina is struck down by a Vermiform, mortally wounding her, and soon after dies in Capell's arms. This event is the main catalyst for Capell's change of demeanor throughout the rest of the game. After this point, whenever special moves are used in battle, Capell sounds harsher and more like Sigmund due to his tragic loss.


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