Empress Svala image
Vital statistics
Title Empress
Gender Female
Race Aristo
Faction Halgitian Government

Empress Svala is the beautiful ruler of Halgita, a country near Casandra. She lives comfortably in the dome-protected capital. In the timeline of Infinite Undiscovery, she is the sole ruler of Halgita.


Svala ruled Halgita when Casandra was still ruled by King Volsung. It was speculated she and Volsung would marry, though Volsung chose someone else. The countries Halgita and Casandra remained allies despite this change of plans. Though it is never clearly stated, her actions reflect a deep love for Volsung, even though it was unrequited.

Empress Svala is the mother of Leonid and adoptive parent of Sigmund the Liberator. She despairs after Leonid's disappearance, but decides to take Sigmund in and raise him without the knowledge of Casandra's government. Her husband passed away several years before the events of Infinite Undiscovery.


Svala appears several times throughout the game, always supporting the Liberation Force and Capell even after she learns that he isn't Sigmund.


"Is that really you, Capell? You look more like Sigmund every time I see you."