Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Edward is a young, powerful swordsman who goes into battle wielding a large broadsword. He is a loyal member of the Liberation Force and avid supporter of Sigmund, whom he adamantly tries to seek trust and recognition from. Generally he can keep a level-head, but sometimes his anger and frustration can get the better of him. Though he may blindly follow his own ideals, while not paying much regard to the truth, he has a good heart and is loyal to his friends. Throughout the journey, however, he grows progressively more jealous of Sigmund's trust towards Capell.


It is revealed, in a flashback, that Edward lived in Burgusstadt and joined Sigmund after the Liberator saved his life from a large Gigas. Early in the timeline covered in the game, he greatly disapproves of Capell. After Sigmund’s death, he plainly tells Capell that he refuses to acknowledge him as Sigmund’s successor and he frequently tries commanding The Liberation Force himself.

After becoming ill from the Lunar Rain in Kolton, Capell and company go to Halgita seeking medical treatment. They find Kiriya in the nearby Cobasna Timberlands and get the medicine to heal Edward from him. After Edward transforms into a Vermiform, Capell saves him instead of killing him and he acknowledges Capell as a friend and worthy of the title Liberator.

Battle SkillsEdit

Learn by
A Battle Skill
MP cost

B Battle Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Expert Slash A well timed sequence of three slashes. Reach level 8 0.75 secs 8 MP 9 MP 3 Hits 3 Hits 3 Hits
Swordsquall A volcanic downward thrust that knocks down the enemy if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 8 (Connect Skill) 1.5 secs 5 MP 6 MP 2 Hits 4 Hits 6 Hits
Twinstream Two fearsome thrusts. Reach level 11 0.5 secs 10 MP 12 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Turbulant Swing A spinning attack that knocks the enemy into the air if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 13 1.25 secs 15 MP 18 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Galvanic Strike A lightning-packed thrust. Reach level 15 0.5 secs 23 MP 27 MP 5 Hits 5 Hits 5 Hits
Rising Current A running upward slash. Tosses enemy in the air if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 21 1.0 secs 40 MP 60 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit
Thornrain An attack from below that impales the enemy. Stuns the enemy if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 25 2.0 secs 50 MP 60 MP 1 Hits 5 Hits 8 Hits
Billowing Blade A powerful sword-thrust. Reach level 30 1.25 secs 65 MP 78 MP 1 Hits 1 Hits 1 Hits
Dragonic Hail A mighty thrust followed by a dragonic blast. Stuns the enemy if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 45 1.0 secs 75 MP 90 MP 2 Hits 4 Hits 6 Hits
Burning Sun An explosive downward swing fueled by glyph energy. Knocks the enemy down if AP Gauge is above the marker. Reach level 55 2.25 secs 100 MP 120 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Tempest Clash A furious barrage of attacks. "Live by the Sword" 3.0 secs 125 MP 150 MP 9 Hits 9 Hits 9 Hits

Personal Skills Edit

Title 1 Edit

Title Capell says...
Bad Attitude He's got such an attitude...
Sigmund's Fan All he ever does is talk about Sigmund!
Spoiled Brat I don't mind too much, but he should really be more tactful, especially when giving orders.
Patient Now he's sick. Oh no!
Vermiform Don't give up, Ed! We'll fix you!
Comrade He's accepted everything there is to accept about me.
Pawn Yes, his piece fits perfectly in my plans.
Best friend We always know what the other is thinking. It's like we have telepathy!

Title 2 Edit

Title Capell says...
Tadpole Keep on trying little man!
Page Boy His skill with the sword is grand - at least when it comes to polishing the blade! Ha!
Squire He's pretty helpful and can follow most instructions
Heroguard Now he's ready to stand by the hero and fight!
Lieutenant Even the hero depends on him now.
Guardian Now he's stronger than the hero! He's a master of defense!
Lionheart Maybe he should be the main character now...

IC Edit

Title Capell says...
Bronzesmith Lv2 IC forging. He can keep the fire going. Good with metals.
Silversmith Lv3 IC forging. He's getting a little better now. Good with metals.
Goldsmith Lv4 IC forging. He's finally a decent smith. Good with metals.
Mastersmith Lv5 IC forging. The greatest smith of our age! Good with metals.
Claridian Hammer Lv6 IC forging. Awe-inspiring anvil prowess! Good with metals.

Traits Edit

Title Type Title Capell says...
Trait 1 Disciplinary He's a pretty good leader. Knows how to take control of a group.
Trait 2 Thoughtful? Though he's harsh with words, he cares. His strength rises when an ally falls.
Trait 3 Serious He's just too serious! Even serious about being serious!
Trait 4 Adamant He's so serious about fighting that he sometimes gets a little experience point bonus.
Trait 5 Sigmundite He worships Sigmund like a god!

Palate Edit

Title Capell says...
Pepper Hater He hates peppers. He won't even touch them.
Pepper Despiser Don't even think about putting peppers in his food! The sight of them alone makes him retch!


"He doesn't understand why we fight. He's more concerned about himself than with honor."