The Dragonbone Shrine is the first dungeon that you will visit. It is located north of the village of Nolaan. Your objective for going there is to find Rico and Rucha's father, and also to find a cure for Aya. After defeatig the boss, you will free Saruleus from its control. In return, he will give you the antitode for Aya and the Saruleus Flute. You will also learn the Precipere and Prudiance songs from Saruleus.

How to get through the Altar Door Edit

To get through the altar door you need to tame a Thorn Cobras and a Bloodsuckers using Rico's connect skill Penguin Parade. Once you tame either a Thorn Cobras and a Bloodsuckers lead it over to the altar door. Then after that you need to get the other monster and bring it to the door and it will open up.

Side quest availableEdit

You can access a secret room by doing a small little side quest. By completing this quest, it will net you a situation bonus of 1000 exp and some goodies in the cave, which are a Miraculous Medicine, a Musician's Quill, a Black Berry Potion.



  • Toothy
  • Cheddar
  • Snouty
  • Sewaria