Details Edit

Quest Contact: Young Villager
Location: Graad Prison at game start

Rewards Edit


  • 1000 Fol

Walkthrough Edit

Shortly after the game begins find the "Young Villager" in the cell next to the save point in Graad Prison's main cell block. Talk to him once and select "Very well" to accept the quest: he wants you to deliver a special Eagle Emblem Gold Coin to his wife so that she knows he's alive. Talk to the young villager again to learn that his wife's name is Anne, and his son's name is Ralph.

Later, when you reach the town of Burgusstadt, enter the last house on the right as you're headed toward the palace. Talk to the woman; this is Anne, the prisoner's wife. Capell automatically hands over the eagle emblem gold coin. She asks about her husband, and you have a choice:

Select Tell her about him to receive a white berry potion
Select Don't tell her anything for 1000 Fol.