Vital statistics
Title The Soother
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Capell is the main, leading character in the game Infinite Undiscovery. A young man who is inexplicably wrapped up into a battle for the fate of the world. On his journey, he learns more than he could ever dream of, about his past and why everything transpired as it did.


A simple flute player, an orphan, a drifter, and a lifelong loner, Capell the Soother is a boy with few ties and fewer worries... until one day, soldiers of the brutal Order of Chains suddenly seize him and toss him into the deepest dungeon of Graad Prison. Stunned by his jailers' contempt, Capell can't understand why his guards keep calling him "the Liberator." Perhaps even more stunning is his untrained skill with a shortsword that soon falls into his hands. When a spirited young girl named Aya leads a breakout, Capell finds himself swept up in a chain of events destined to rock the very foundation of the world order... and challenge even the gods themselves.


Infinite Undiscovery CL 20080925

Capell plays Obstreperus

Capell is a flute player throughout the game. He starts out with the Obstreperus song, an original melody written by Capell that does nothing but make noise. After the events of the Dragonbone Shrine, he gains the Saruleus Flute, which he can use for various effects.

Tunes Capell can learn to play on his flute are as follows:

  • Obstreperus - Makes noise.
  • Prudentiae - Nullifies certain magical workings.
  • Percipere - Dispels illusions and makes Vermiforms visible.
  • Placare - Makes money in towns.
  • Fortuna - Increases luck.
  • Alucinari - Distracts enemies with an image of Capell.
  • Angere - Angers an enemy.
  • Valere - Strength increases but defense decreases.
  • Perturbare - Makes enemies attack other enemies.
  • Obduratus - Defense increases but strength decreases.
  • Irritatus - Inflicts Confuse and Berserk on enemies and allies.
  • Hypnoticus - Puts enemies to sleep.
  • Precari - Raises all stats

Basic AttacksEdit

Name Command Number of Hits Special Effect Description Purpose
Spinning Waltz B 1 Cannot cancel into battle skills Capell attacks with a 360 degree spin Clearing out and disrupting foes when surrounded
Crescendo Spike A B 2 Cancels to battle skills Capell attacks with two linear strikes; the 2nd hit launches foes if AP gauge is filled past target marker. Popping foes into the air to score EXP bonuses with aerial combos.
Diminuendo Dive A A B 3 Cancels to battle skills Capell attacks with three linear strikes; the 3rd hit knocks foes down in AP gauge is filled past target marker. Knocking foes down to replenish HP/MP with ground combos.
Dancing Rhapsody A A A B 6 Cancels to battle skills Capell follows three normal strikes with a swirling three hit attack. Building AP, attacking foes impervious to AP effects, and chaining to battle skills.

Battle SkillsEdit

Learn by
A Battle Skill
MP cost

B Battle Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Slashing Canon A slash followed by a mighty kick. 2nd hit knocks foe down if AP gauge is filled past target marker. Reach Lvl 2 Instant 5 MP 6 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Cutting Gavotte Two quick slashes followed by a powerful shockwave. 1st hit launches foe if AP gauge is filled past target marker. Reach Lvl 5 Instant 15 MP 18 MP 5 Hits 5 Hits 5 Hits
Symphonic Blade A technique that draws power from a Connected ally. Depending on who Capell Connects to, different elements are added to his blade. Effect ends after a set duration, or if Capell's sword is sheathed. Does not work with Gustav or Sigmund before lunar rite. Allows Capell to directly damage vermiforms. Reach Lvl 12 3.5 secs 13 MP 15 MP A -30 secs;
B -35 secs
A -60 secs;
B -72 secs
A -90 secs;
B -108 secs
Marching Boots A barrage of powerful kicks. 2nd-to-last hit launches foe if AP gauge is filled past target marker. Reach Lvl 16 Instant 40 MP 48 MP 6 Hits 9 Hits 11 Hits
Eternal Refrain A devastating series of lightning-quick slashes. Reach Lvl 22 0.75 secs 75 MP 90 MP 5 Hits 7 Hits 11 Hits
Reginleif A powerful swing of the sword in a piercing arc. Knocks down the foe if the AP gauge is filled past the target marker. Reach Lvl 33 1.25 secs 50 MP 60 MP 1 Hits 1 Hits 1 Hits
Grinn Valesti An aerial assault that hits the enemy from above. Reach Lvl 50 0.75 secs 60 MP 72 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Alfheim A shield-based attack followed by two sword attacks. Last hit launches foe if AP gauge is filled past target marker. "Dance of the Sword" 0.75 secs 80 MP 96 MP 3 Hits 3 Hits 3 Hits
Levantine Slash A jumping sword attack that uses all of the wielder's might. 2nd hit knocks foe down if AP gauge is filled past target meter. "Path of a Hero" Instant 100 MP 120 MP 5 Hits 5 Hits 5 Hits

Symphonic Blade ElementsEdit

Connected Ally Element
Aya Fire
Rico Air
Rucha Air
Edward Air
Sigmund Air (after lunar rite)
Eugene Earth
Balbagan Fire
Michelle Aether
Gustav None
Vic Aether
Touma Earth
Komachi Earth

Personal Skills Edit

Title 1 Edit

Title Capell says...
Soother A travelling musician with little renown and no glory.
Transporter Carrying Aya is making my arms really tired...
Babysitter Now I'm looking after two kids? Does their mother have any shame?
Chain Gang Travelling around and cutting chains.
Hero of Light Looks like I get to be Sigmund!
False Hero I might not be a real hero, but what's so bad about that?
Unblessed Sure we've got the support of each nation, but what good is that?
Prince Wow, so I'm a prince... But that doesn't change who I am. I'm just Capell.

Title 2 Edit

Title Capell says...
Unwieldy Looks like I'm pretty decent with a sword!
Cutless Chopping apart small woodland creatures is a simple task.
Scabbard Still improving. I'm about as good as most of the Order peons now.
Swordsman Almost nobody can beat me now
Elite Swordsman A master of the sword. It's time to open up a school.
Oversword I feel almost... over-levelled... Naw, it's just my imagination...... Right?

IC Edit

Title Capell says...
Apprentice Level 1 IC enchanting. I'm just a beginner
Journeyman Level 2 IC enchanting. I'm getting used to things.
Enchanter Level 3 IC enchanting. A master of simple enchantments
High Enchanter Level 4 IC enchanting. A master of most enchantments.
Master Enchanter Level 5 IC enchanting. Best enchanter around.
Claridian Hand Level 6 IC enchanting. I leave a little bit of me in everything I enchant.

Traits Edit

Title Type Title Capell says...
Trait 1 Versatile I'm pretty good at everything, and very good at nothing.
Trait 2 Dullard I'm lazy and proud of it! Why do anything today that I can put off until tomorrow?
Trait 2 Go-getter I can do anything when I put my mind to it!
Trait 3 Strongman My legs and arms may look weak, but I'm pretty tough!
Trait 4 Lady's Man I'm not picky when it comes to women. I love them all!
Trait 4 Older Lady's Man Older women are so much more... mature.
Trait 4 Brash Lady's Man Overemotional and angsty girls are nice, too...
Trait 4 Aya's Man Aya's my girl!

Palate Edit

Title Capell says...
Fruit Lover I love fruit! I could eat any apple for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Fruit Hater I ate too much fruit.. and now it makes me... sick... ugh...


"The future that you've created for us. We don't want anything to do with it"----Capell, Final Battle

"Anything?"----Capell, any conversation with a girl

"He didn't get enough love from his mother and father."----Capell, During Savio's conversation with Held.