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Vital statistics
Title Princess
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Liberation Force

Aya is one of the main characters and second party member to be encountered in Infinite Undiscovery. She is the Princess of Fayel and also a member of the Liberation Force led by Sigmund. Her lunaglyph can be used to make fire.


Adept with a bow and low-level healing magic, Aya is a keen admirer of Lord Sigmund the Liberator and a fervent soldier of his Liberation Force. When her "rescue" of Sigmund turns out to be mistaken, she nonetheless drags a reluctant Capell into the cause. Her attitude towards Capell grows decidedly more complicated as she discerns not only his goodhearted nature but also the hidden strength that arises in the most unlikely circumstances. And her own hidden qualities will surprise the entire Force soon enough...

Battle SkillsEdit

Learn by
A Battle Skill
MP cost

B Battle Skill
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Peacock Plume An attack aimed at the enemy's feet. Launches foe if Aya's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge. Reach level 3 1.5 secs 5 MP 6 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit
Ravaging Raptor A powerful attack that pierces the enemy. Reach level 3 (Connect Skill) As soon as she reaches Capell. N/A N/A 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit
Sparrowrain A harrowing attack from the heavens. Reach level 8 1.25 secs 15 MP 18 MP 3 Hits 4 Hits 5 Hits
Falcon Spread A dash followed by a close-range shot. Reach level 13 Instant 30 MP 36 MP 1 Hit 2 Hit 3 Hit
Moa Impaler A jump kick followed by a flashing blast. Launches and freezes foe in midair if Aya's portrait is above target marker on AP gauge. Reach level 21 Instant 45 MP 54 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits
Cardinal Cloak A blazing blast that takes the form of a fiery bird. Reach level 25 2.25 Sec 50 MP 60 MP 1 Hit 1 Hit 1 Hit
Phoenix Feather A fiery barrage of arrows. Reach level 32 3.00 secs 100 MP 120 MP 6 Hits 6 Hits 6 Hits
Snipe Arrow An aerial attack that unleashes a flurry of arrows. Reach level 40 1.75 secs 120 MP 144 MP 5 Hits 7 Hits 10 Hits
Raven Venom A powerful attack that hits the enemy from all sides. Reach level 52 3.25 secs 200 MP 240 MP 7 Hits 15 Hits 22 Hits
Devouring Vulture An attack that hits a concentrated area with arrows. Nearby enemies are rendered immobile during this attack. Reach level 64 4.25 secs 150 MP 180 MP 4 Hits 4 Hits 4 Hits
Simorgh Zai A fiery bird that decimates the enemy. Knocks foe down if Aya's portrait is above the target marker on AP gauge. "Memos of a Master Marksman" 4.25 secs 220 MP 264 MP 2 Hits 2 Hits 2 Hits

Spells Edit

Learn by
A Spell
MP cost

B Spell
MP cost

Lvl 1 Hits/

Lvl 2 Hits/

Lvl 3 Hits/

Levi Heals 30% of an ally's HP. Reach level 3 2.75 secs 5 MP 5 MP N/A N/A N/A
Megalevi Heals 30% of all allies HP standing near caster. Reach level 17 2.75 secs 10 MP 10 MP N/A N/A N/A

Personal Skills Edit

Title 1 Edit

Title Capell says...
Acrobat Did she come out of the ceiling!?
Patient She doesn't look so good. I wonder if she's sick, or if it's just the lighting?
Friend Thanks for not hating me!
Princess A princess!? Royalty is way out of my league!
Confidant You can tell me anything, even the bad stuff.
Partner Maybe she'll understand...
Vengeful If someone takes something from you, then you've just got to take as well.
Beloved Wait, do I have to say it? Aya, I...I...I lo...

Title 2 Edit

Title Capell says...
Lousy Shot She sure misses a lot with that bow.
Poor Shot She spends more on arrows than she gets from killing monsters.
Hunter She's getting pretty good. I think she makes a decent hunter.
High Hunter She doesn't miss much anymore.
Bowmaster She can hit any enemy's weak point without even aiming!
Bowmistress Did she just hit that apple from a mile away? Wow!
Royal Failure What about dance lessons or history class? She IS a princess after all!

IC Edit

Title Capell says...
Kitchen Scrub Lv2 IC cooking. She sure likes to cook. Good with bread and desserts.
Cook Lv3 IC cooking. Her cooking's pretty good! Good with bread and desserts.
Chef Lv4 IC cooking. She must know every recipe! Good with bread and desserts.
Master Chef .Lv5 IC cooking. She's a world class chef now. Good with bread and desserts.
Claridian Chef Lv6 IC cooking. The Claridians line up for food! Good with bread and desserts.

Traits Edit

Title Type Title Capell says...
Trait 1 Lucky Looks like she gets a strength boost when she surprises enemies now!
Trait 2 Commoner She's actually pretty normal.
Trait 3 Bear Fan She really seems to like bears.
Trait 3 Bear Lover All she ever thinks about is bears!
Trait 3 Bear Otaku Does she...l-l-love bears!?
Trait 4 Reptile Hater Look how scared she gets of reptiles! She can't even get close to them!
Trait 5 Bug Hater She's really scared of bugs! It's like she can't even look at them!


"You're useless around women!" ---- Aya on Capell
"Who made you leader?" ---- Aya on Edward